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The inside is just as important as the outside.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Harsh and harmful chemicals are in our body products, our food, and the air we breathe. It's important for our mental and physical health to control what we are putting on and in our bodies. I am super random most of the time, but I will try to keep this blog catered loosely to healthy body and mind type posts. I do believe that music and art have a massive effect on a person's heath too. I know what it feels like to be content and free. I want EVERYONE to feel the freedom and love. I can't give away what I have, but I can definitely tell you what I did to get here. I can say that a plant based diet was the beginning of my journey. It's amazing what happens in the brain when it is nourished properly. Thanks for stopping by! Life itself is full of illusions. Why not chose the ones that bring the most enjoyment?