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Miss Dilly AKA Daffodil

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

This post is to give thanks to Miss Dilly. Miss Dilly is the main goat providing milk for the goat's milk based soaps right now. I think she deserves a public thank you and goatography. Missy Dilly wasn't raised as a baby at Miakoda farms. She was brought to the farm in adulthood. I'm going to be honest and say she wasn't one of my favorite goats when I moved to the farm. However, now that we have spent a lot of time on the milk stand together and she provides milk for my daily smoothies, I may just be her biggest fan. Miss Dilly is full of personality. If she doesn't want to go somewhere when shes on a leash she will let you know very quickly by planting her feet and not budging. This behavior only really happens when it is raining, just rained, or might rain. She's a little air-headed, but she's not stupid. She likes to play -come find me- when it's time to milk on some days. Some days she's waiting at the gate for you to come get her. She's a quiet goat. There have been times where she didn't make a peep, enjoying the air conditioning in the feed room in the back of the farm house for an hour. Luckily I heard her moving around before she had a bathroom accident. Like I said, she's not stupid. She has a funny way of running too. Maybe I can catch her cute sideways run and post it one day. She knows her name too. I talk to her about stuff while I milk her. If she turns around and looks at you on the stand, and you didn't call her name, that means "your doing it wrong"! I've gotten pretty good at milking and I don't get "the look" very often anymore. She's very patient and allows even kids to try milking for the first time. She's a very sweet girl. Unless it's raining, rained, or could possibly rain. Miss Dilly is a happy fat goat who enjoys getting two suppers every night. Milk goats get to eat extra sweet feed when they are on the milk stand. I personally give them too many treats. Shout out to Miss Dilly and Miakoda Farms, because without y'all there would be no soap!